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Meet the Team Behind Multiple Garden

About Multiple Garden

Welcome to Multiple Garden! We are a garden product manufacturing and trading company located in Jiangyin, China. Our main focus is providing B2B services to small to medium wholesalers, and we have a team of 15 professionals dedicated to serving our clients. Our products are primarily exported to North America and Europe, and our target audience consists of company owners and professional buyers who demand high-quality garden products.

At Multiple Garden, we prioritize the attractiveness of our products to satisfy our clients and ensure their success. We take pride in our business and are committed to providing our clients with the best possible products and service to help them achieve their goals.

Meet the Team Behind Multiple Garden

Our team at Multiple Garden consists of 15 dedicated professionals focused on providing high-quality garden products and services to our clients.

Wayne Liu

CEO & Co-Founder

Responsible for the daily management and production department of the company

Ree Wong

Sales Manager & Co-Founder

Responsible for product development and sales team

Lydia Li

HR & Customer Service Manager

Responsible for HR department and after-sales service team

Qiaobo Ding

Sourcing Manager

Responsible for the International and Domestic Material Sourcing

Zhanming Ding

Quality Control Manager

Responsible for Product Quality Control and Third Party or Customer's Inspection

Jinqiang Zhao

Logistic Manager

Responsible for Logistics Department and Stocks in Warehouse

About Our History

Our company was established in 2009 as a trading company. In 2012, we established our first factory(above photo) with the current name, for the production of plastic products.

Our first client in 2009 was a Garden Center from Germany. And we visited their company in 2010. We have been working together so far and we are very grateful for their trust.

Wayne visited South American customers in 2013, 2014, and 2015 to develop the local agricultural product market. We export Pesticide Sprayer to Peru,Chile and Argentina.

We warmly welcome all customers to visit our company and develop new products and new projects with us, although the weather is cold sometimes.

We participated in the business meeting held by Jiangyin Municipal Government to seek more resources to better improve our factory and serve our customers.

In 2020-2022, we will keep in touch with our customers through online meetings. We provide visualized production and inspection services to ensure the quality of customers’ orders.

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