18 Liter Electric Power Lithium Battery High Pressure Sprayer

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  • Powerful pressure pump: Equipped with a high-performance pressure pump, our sprayer can quickly and easily boost pressure, saving users time and effort.
  • Efficient spraying: With its powerful pump and specially-designed spray heads, our sprayer provides efficient and effective spraying for large areas of crops or plants.
  • Corrosion-resistant materials: Each of our sprayer’s spray heads is made from special materials that resist corrosion, ensuring the sprayer remains safe and reliable for repeated use.
  • Safe and sturdy bottle: Our sprayer’s bottle is made from thick, non-toxic, and odorless PP PE materials, ensuring the safety and durability of the sprayer.
  • Leak-proof design: The one-piece mold construction of our sprayer ensures a sturdy and leak-proof bottle, with no loose parts that could cause damage or malfunctions during use.

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Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 36 × 17.5 × 50 cm
Art Nr



PE Container


18 Liters

Customer Unit

1 piece


1 piece in mailbox

Product Details:

1. Rapid pressure boosting: Equipped with a powerful pressure pump, our sprayer can quickly and effortlessly boost pressure, saving time and effort for users.

2. High work efficiency: With its fast-boosting capability, our sprayer delivers excellent work efficiency, enabling users to cover large areas of crops or plants with ease.

3. Specially-made spray heads: Our sprayer comes with a variety of spray heads, each made from special materials that resist corrosion, ensuring the sprayer remains safe and reliable for use.

4. Thick, non-toxic, and odorless bottle: The bottle of our sprayer is made from new PP PE materials, which are thick, non-toxic, and odorless, ensuring that the sprayer is safe and easy to use.

5. One-piece construction: Our sprayer is made from a one-piece mold, ensuring the bottle is sturdy and leak-proof, with no loose parts that could cause damage or malfunction.

Use Safety Instructions For Sprayer:
1.Battery must be charged 12 hours before first use!
2.The battery needs to be recharged When sprayer is low power consumption, the flow gradually become lower.
3.Don’t mistake the power plug when changing or inspecting the battery, connect red wire to anode (+), black wire to cathode (-).
4.Allow only people who can fully understand this manual to operate the sprayer.
5.Carefully read and follow all safety precautions in Owner’s Manual. Improper use can cause serious injury to user and by standers!
6.To obtain best performance, life and satisfaction from your sprayer, it’s very important that you read and understand the safety precautions and maintenance instructions before using your sprayer.
7.Don’t use unsolvable powder with your sprayer. Make sure to fully clean the sprayer and pump if you use unsolvable powder and latex,otherwise it will properly cause the problems such as no suction/pressure/flow and so on.
8.When finished spraying, turn the power off, add some clean water to the tank. Turn the sprayer on, squeeze the hand lever to clean any debris from the tank, pump, hose and strainer,make sure the pump, hose and strainer are fully cleaned,then store your sprayer in a shade place.
9.Store the sprayer in a shade place where children cannot reach.When putting the sprayer in a cold environment,you must discharge all the liquids in the tank to protect the sprayer.
10. when store sprayer, in order to prolong the service life of battery, fully charge every 2-3 month without using.
11.Transportation: When transporting your sprayer,be sure that the power is off. Always put the sprayer in right position, protect the hose from sharp objects and never transport your sprayer with harmful chemicals in the tank.

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