Telescopic Easy Tunnel

  • LDPE film material
  • Shade netting material
  • Non-woven fleece material
  • Insect Micro Mesh material
  • Mini Tunnel PE film

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 54 × 54 × 3 cm
Art Nr



Galvanized Steel Hoop
60 microns LDPE film
Polyester Cord
PP clips


Height: 45cm
Width:  60cm
Length: 300cm


1 sets


12 sets / Carton

Product Details:

  1. LDPE film material: Protect your plants from the elements with this durable and easy-to-install tunnel. The LDPE film material is perfect for creating a warm and humid environment for your plants to thrive in.
  2. Shade netting material: Keep your plants safe from the sun’s harmful rays with this easy-to-use shade netting tunnel. The adjustable telescopic design makes it easy to fit over any garden bed or raised planter.
  3. Insect mesh material: Keep pesky insects and pests away from your plants with this insect mesh tunnel. The fine mesh allows air and moisture to circulate while keeping unwanted critters out.
  4. Non-woven fleece material: Protect your plants from frost and cold temperatures with this non-woven fleece tunnel. The lightweight material is easy to install and provides excellent insulation for your plants.
  5. Telescopic design: This easy-to-use tunnel features a telescopic design that allows you to adjust the length to fit any garden bed or planter. Whether you’re growing vegetables, flowers, or herbs, the Telescopic Easy Tunnel is the perfect solution for protecting your plants.

  • Specification
  YY-T01 300X60X45 60micron PE FILM 12 54x54x36cm 12 13
  YY-TO1S 300X45X30 60micron PE FILM 12 52x24x51cm 8 9
  YY-T02 300X60X45 45gsm MICROMESH 12 54x54x36cm 15 16
  YY-T02S 300X45X30 45gsm MICROMESH 12 52x32x51cm 10 11
  YY-T03 300X60X45 100gsm shade netting 12 54x54x36cm 12 13
  YY-T03S 300X45X30 100gsm shade netting 12 52x42x51cm 8 9
  YY-T04 300X60X45 45gsm PET NON WOVEN 12 54x54x36cm 12 13
  YY-T04S 300X45X30 45gsm PET NON WOVEN 12 52x28x51cm 8 9
  YY-T05 80X18X15 60micron PE FILM 24 54x48x29cm 12 13
  • Package

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