Garden Stake PE coated steel bamboo

  • The perfect support for all tall-growing plants.
  • The stake is constructed with a strong steel tube core
  • The stake is coated with premium PE.
  • The stake provide a bamboo-like appearance.
  • This stake is weather-resistant and built to last.

Additional information

Weight 0.073 kg
Dimensions 90 × 11 × 11 cm
Art Nr



PE coating / Steel Tube inside


Pointed end
Cap Outside

Customer Unit

1 Piece


50 pcs/ bundle

Product Details:

  1. Versatile Support: The perfect support for all tall-growing plants, including flowers, vegetables, and vines.
  2. Sturdy Bamboo Core: The stake is constructed with a strong steel tube core, and coated in durable plastic, providing both strength and flexibility.
  3. Durable: This stake is weather-resistant and built to last, even in harsh conditions.
  4. Stable Steel Core: The stake features a stable steel core, coated with plastic to provide a bamboo-like appearance.
  5. Wind and Rain Resistant: The PE coated steel bamboo stake is designed to withstand wind and rain, providing reliable support for your plants, year after year.

Art Nr Stake Size Material Weight Pcs/CTN NW/GW CTN size
GBS-8-60 ø0.8*60cmL iron thick:0.25mm  PE thickness:0.5mm 37g 150 5.3/6.3kg 62*21*11
GBS-8-75 ø0.8*75cmL iron thick:0.25mm  PE thickness:0.5mm 46g 150 6.9/7.9kg 77*21*11cm
GBS-8-90 ø0.8*90cmL iron thick:0.25mm  PE thickness:0.5mm 55g 150 8.3/9.3kg 92*21*11cm
GBS-8-120 ø0.8*120cmL iron thick:0.25mm  PE thickness:0.5mm 74g 150 11.1/12.1kg 122*21*11cm
GBS-11-90 ø1.1*90cmL iron thick:0.25mm  PE thickness:0.5mm 71g 100 7.1/8.1kg 92*18.5*14cm
CSP-11-120 ø1.1*120cmL iron thick:0.25mm PE thickness:0.5mm 85g 100 7.5/8.5kg 122*18.5*14cm
GBS-11-150 ø1.1*150cmL iron thick:0.25mm  PE thickness:0.5mm 107g 100 10.7/11.7kg 152*18.5*14cm
CSP-11-180 ø1.1*180cmL iron thick:0.25mm  PE thickness:0.5mm 126g 100 12.6/13.6kg 182*18.5*14cm
GBS-16-150 ø1.6*150cmL iron thickness:0.3mm PE thickness:0.5mm 210g 50  10.5/10.8kg 152*19*11cm
CSP-16-180 ø1.6*180cmL iron thickness:0.3mm PE thickness:0.5mm 250g 50 12.5/13kg 182*19*11cm
GBS-16-210 ø1.6*210cmL iron thickness:0.3mm PE thickness:0.5mm 290g 50 14.5/15.5kg 212*19*11cm
CSP-16-240 ø1.6*240cmL iron thickness:0.3mm PE thickness:0.5mm 336g 50 17/18kg 242*19*11cm
GBS-20-180 ø2.0*180cmL iron thickness:0.3mm PE thickness:0.5mm 295g 50 14.8/15.8kg 182*24*15cm
GBS-20-210 ø2.0*210cmL iron thickness:0.3mm PE thickness:0.5mm 343g 50 17.2/17.7kg 212*24*15cm
GBS20-240 ø2.0*240cmL iron thickness:0.3mm PE thickness:0.5mm 392g 50 19.7/20.7kg 242*24*15cm
GBS-20-270 ø2.0*270cmL iron thickness:0.3mm PE thickness:0.5mm 441g 50 22.1/23.1kg 272*24*15cm
GBS-20-300 ø2.0*300cmL iron thickness:0.3mm PE thickness:0.5mm 495g 50 24.8/25.8kg 302*24*15cm
  • Green and Natural Color available

  • PVC coated Steel Bamboo Available


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