Sunbubble Palm Greenhouse

  • Quick and easy setup: Made from UV stabilized PVC and flexible fiberglass rods, the Sunbubble can be easily set up and packed away in its sturdy storage bag.
  • Boost plant growth: The Sunbubble’s curved shape ensures maximum penetration of light, which boosts plant growth and allows for a variety of exotic plants to be grown.
  • Versatile: When it’s too chilly to be outside, the Sunbubble makes an ideal shelter for outdoor activities such as dining, relaxing, or even keeping a paddling pool warm.
  • Two sizes available: The Sunbubble comes in both standard and large sizes, providing options for different garden sizes and needs.
  • Perfect for romantic evenings: The Sunbubble makes for a cozy and romantic setting for a candlelit dinner in the garden, adding a touch of elegance to any outdoor gathering.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 143 × 26 × 26 cm
Art Nr



Frame: 11mm Fiberglass Rod
Cover: 200 microns Transparent PVC
150 gsm White HDPE cloth


280 x 280 x 200 cm


1 set


1 set / polyester handbag

Product Details:

Introducing Sunbubble, the perfect addition to your garden for your gardening needs or even as a relaxing outdoor space. As a meticulous buyer who values high-quality garden planting supplies, you’ll love the Sunbubble’s UV stabilised PVC and flexible fibreglass rods construction. Not only is it durable, but it’s also incredibly easy to put up and pack away thanks to its patented one-piece, folding design, which fits snugly into its sturdy storage bag.

With Sunbubble, you can create your mini Eden project in no time. It warms up quicker than traditional greenhouses and its curved shape ensures that the surface stays at 90° to the direction of the sun all day long. This results in minimum reflection and maximum penetration of light, meaning that your plants’ growth will be boosted, and you can grow all manner of exciting and exotic plants.

But Sunbubble isn’t just for gardening. When the weather gets chilly, it makes the perfect shelter for you to relax and enjoy your garden. It can be used as an outdoor playroom, dining room, for keeping a paddling pool warm, or just as a place for a Sunday snooze. And with two sizes available, standard and large, there’s a Sunbubble to suit your needs.

As a bonus helpful hint, Sunbubble is perfect for a romantic candlelit dinner in the garden!

Standard size-Diameter 2.8m x Height 2m .

Large size-Diameter 3.5m x Height 2.2m.

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